Craft Spirits

Wine & Spirits started more than 30 years ago with a main focus on spirits. The passion for these products has been passed on from father to son. To give the spirits the attention they deserve, we proudly present our sister company as an independent business: Craft Spirits Company.


The portfolio consists of craft whisk(e)y, rum, cognac and gin. Are you curious about what Craft Spirits Company has to offer you, or what we can do for your brand in the Dutch market? Click here.

“We live in a market where quality is more important than quantity. People are looking for clear brands, based on an authentic story; Craft Spirits Company was born from here. It’s our mission to import spirits that have a fair origin and are made with passion, craft and skill. In short: Craft Spirits Company believes in drinks with a soul,” says Riley, founder of Craft Spirits Company.

Craft Spirits